Ronald C. Reece, Ph.D.
For more than 25 years, Dr. Ron Reece has maintained a successful private practice, and more recently, he has taken that practice to businesses, industries and auditoriums across the country.
His “elevator speech” or the answer he gives when someone inquires about his work is: “I keep people from destroying businesses and businesses from destroying people.”  Often using the unique analogy of beekeeping to engage his audiences, Dr. Reece is a relaxed speaker who educates and entertains. The empathy and insight developed in the private office setting translate well to speaking and consulting efforts. The value of Ron’s many years of experience are expressed through his keen insight into human motivation, interpersonal relationships, and organizational effectiveness.
In presentations like “Mixing Blood and Business,” he takes a humorous, but practical look at family-owned operations and difficult issues such as succession planning. Through presentations such as “The Bee Team,” he draws audiences into the bee hive, showing that all businesses function much like  families - whether functional or not.  Complex working relationships can often be traced to our most basic methods of interacting.
A native of Greenville, SC, Dr. Reece is married and has a son who is a budding entrepreneur. Dr. Reece is active in his church, and spends his free time playing tennis, and on occasion -- keeping bees or jumping out of an airplane.  He has been quoted in magazines such as “Entrepreneur” and “Lawyers Weekly” and has been featured on NPR and Alexander Haig’s World Business Review.
Dr. Reece is a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, the American Psychological Association, the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, and the Family Firm Institute.
What does this mean to the audience?
Participants will take home ideas and motivation that will truly be useful for a lifetime.  Audience members have often commented that Dr. Reece provides more than a one-day energy boost. His style is challenging, but not threatening.  Those who have benefited from his speaking are often surprised by not only the revelations they have had – but also by the fact that they have taken them home and translated them into actions that made a difference!
Topics & Programs:
Business Effectiveness:
• How to Safely and Successfully  
  Mix Blood and Business
• Howdy, Partner! – Pre-Business
  Consultation for Future Partners
• Sibling Partnerships: One for
  All and All for One
• Going the Distance:
  Business Succession and
  Continuity Planning
Management Effectiveness:
• To Manage or To Coach:
  There Is No Question
• Recognizing and Assisting
  Troubled Employees
Personal & Professional Effectiveness:
• Stress/Distress – Managing
  Your Mess
• Self-Esteem: Who You Are
  and What You’re Worth
• Money and Mortality:
Conversations That Matter