Hard work isn’t always enough.  You can have thousands of employees who are busy. However, truly successful businesses are complex networks of relationships that are managed and perpetuated for profitability.

Let Ron Reece show you that every business is much like family business. As an experienced consulting psychologist, he can guide you through difficult and potentially volatile “family” issues such as succession planning and conflict resolution – regardless of whether you are dealing with relatives, partners, or co-workers. Ron’s business acumen and knowledge of human relationships are a powerful combination for a business in crisis, growth mode or any type of transitional state. Even positive change has its challenges. By committing to
what Ron calls “emotional and interpersonal due diligence,” owners, managers and employees find that their “business” issues are resolved more quickly.

Experts say that many family-owned businesses “go from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.” Even in companies not owned or managed by blood relatives, the difference in perspectives among successive generations can alter core values enough to make the business vulnerable.

As a consultant, Dr. Reece has successfully implemented:
  • Conflict resolution
  • Executive leadership development
  • Team building
  • Workplace crisis management
  • Succession Planning
  • Partner Development
  • Culture Conditioning
  • Visioning and Implementation

“Thanks again for all you have done to help us work on our business, not just in our business. Your input and mediation really is making a difference in the way we approach our partnership and our business. It has been a true time of growth for me.”
Rick Stroud, Owner
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