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The Workplace “Hive”
Ron helps people answer questions like:  "What kind of 'beekeeper' are you?” or “What’s really going on in your workplace/hive?"

His exercises guide people through the complex networks of relationships that are managed and perpetuated in “the hive.”   Participants will take home ideas and motivation that will truly be useful for a lifetime.  His style is challenging, but not threatening.  Those who have benefited from his speaking are often surprised by not only the revelations they have had – but also by the fact that they have taken them home and translated them into actions that made a real difference.

In addition, meeting planners find Ron most cooperative and easy to work with. 
Honey comb is one of nature’s strongest and most efficient architectural designs.  Within that structure each bee understands the hive and performs her job with great precision.  Efficiency and productivity are constant.  Wise business owners can learn a lot from the bees that will ensure their business will last for generations. 

Ron often uses the intricate, fascinating topic of beekeeping to bring tremendous insight into the workplace.  As a skilled psychologist, he puts audiences at ease and guides them through enjoyable and extremely effective exercises of self discovery and business planning.

The Bee Team
Even the most hard-nosed businessmen will want to hear Ron’s messages.  He taps into the frustration many experience when they realize that hard work isn’t always enough.  It takes bees 156,000 hours to produce one teaspoon of honey!  To do this, they sometimes fly 50 miles per day, up to five miles away from the hive.  Yes that’s a lot of effort but much more must happen to produce special sweet results. Businesses want the same.  Ron talks with business owners, managers and the professionals who work with them about communication, relationships and productivity.  He makes direct connections between increasing harmony and profitability.